Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

With a new year, comes new promises, new actions, and an opportunity to set new goals for a better life for you and the world around you.

We at are excited at the path we have chosen - to bring the world together one dish at a time.

We want to thank all of our members in advance for what will be an extraordinary year as we innovate the food industry, creating what will be "the" place food lovers go to find and share great dishes and recipes.

They say that key to a man's heart is through his stomach. While that might be true, we feel it is also the key to a woman's heart, a child's heart, and bringing the family (and the world) together. We will connect people from all over the world with a single common interest - the love of food.

So with that in mind, we want to again wish everyone a very Happy 2014 and glad you will share on what will be an amazing 2014!


Friday, December 27, 2013

More than a Bunch of Food Lovers...

Many might think that is merely an innovative site created to help people find and share great meals and recipes, but that is just the surface.

According to Jordan Wexler, CEO of and the newly formed, "The food industry is 2012, almost 2 trillion was spent annually on food by US consumers alone - that's 10% of the gross national product (GNP).  You can imagine the total spent worldwide, as well as the number of people this industry keeps employed." is aiming at creating a massive community of food lovers globally. Having already assembled a team of "Finding Food Ambassadors" in over 100 cities globally before the website is even live, Wexler aims at quickly positioning local leadership to help catapult the website forward.

"Sure, consumers will love using the site to find great meals and recipes in their area or even areas they are traveling to, but creating a force of millions of people allows us to help direct the future...
there are many people who feel they do not have a voice...people unhappy with the conditions of food in their area, or the food industry itself. There are also those over 100 years old who not only love their food, but attribute it for their longevity and want to tell the world. Although they might find it hard to be heard singularly, they will be heard via collectively."

Wexler is no novice at building companies, having founded 3 large internet powerhouses over the last 20 years. You can quickly note the passion in his voice when he talks about the importance of food,

"Everyone needs food, it sustains life. It goes into our body and fuels us - good food can help us live longer, live better, and bring joy to our lives. Poor quality food is bad for our health, shortens our lives, can cause depression and might lead to future complications that we are not even aware of yet!"

Wexler continues, "discovering new tastes can be exciting! Imagine making some of the most popular dishes internationally at your home, such as: Ackee and Saltfish from Jamaica, Coo-Coo and flying fish from Barbados, Bulgogi from Korea, Kibbeh from Lebanon/Syria, Goulash from Hungary, Winer Schnitzel (my favorite) from Austria, Pot-au-Feu from France, Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding from England and of course...authentic Irish Stew with a recipe from Ireland!"

Rumor has it that Wexler is also in contact some of the larger shipping companies to innovate ways to be able to transport unique foods and spices globally to assist members in creating wildly unique dishes.

Having had an opportunity to get a "sneek peak" of the site before it goes live in January, I must say it is impressive. I went through the website and the mobile apps, all designed to be simple to use, exciting to look at, powerful in its ability to find and share meals and recipes worldwide, but created to also be a scalable food community - I can see that is an important aspect in his creation.

Although the the website won't be released until January 2014, they have created a pre-launch facebook group that already has over 5,000 members excited to get started adding meal pics, adding recipes, and communicating with others. Those in the facebook group will get to try it out first.

"Do you know where Lusaka, Zambia is? I didn't until I started this effort. I myself have spoken with amazing people from Tanzania, Australia, Canada, Thailand, France, Uganda, China, Argentina and numerous other countries who have already shared with me recipes and pictures of amazing meals that they have created. I can't wait to try them...but more than that, I am creating communities of people with similar interests that transcends global limits - so that someone from Kansas City, MO can compare great barbeque with someone from Buenos Aires, Argentina...or somone with a gluten intolerance can connect with hundreds of others worldwide and share unique meals and recipes they never thought of...where vegans can discover dishes only heard of in remote parts of Africa, and so on."

Whether you love food or not, keep an eye on - it will certainly change the future. To join their Facebook group, visit:

Saturday, December 21, 2013

How to EXCITE a Salad

I know many of you are probably thinking salads are boring and require a ton of vegetables or salad dressing in order to liven then up right?

Well, I have a secret that can make your salad amazing. They key lies in the choice of lettuce and fresh herbs.

That's right, not all salads are made of simply iceberg, spinach or romaine - get creative!

I myself enjoy picking out organic romaine, chard, arugula, radicchio, and whatever else looks fresh as I walk around the produce section (both green and red when available).

Then I add FRESH herbs (critical) like dill, cilantro and parsley. I am not a fan off the dry herbs - unless I have no choice. In fact, I prefer buying the herb in the pot and growing it in the kitchen until I need it, and then trim it as needed.

I like salad to have flavor, color and texture.

Then I myself usually add avocado, tomatoes and a small amount of dressing (not to overpower or change the consistency). As for dressing, I am fond of one based with Tahini - but its up to you. 

It can be made quickly, it is healthy and you might find that you'll love it.

I do!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Announcement - We are now Seeking Ambassadors!

With about two weeks to go before going live, and we have decided to create "Finding Food Ambassadors" -

There will be only 1 per city and they will be listed on the website and mobile apps for everyone to see. They will also have a special Badge on their profile listed them as the local city ambassador (there is no charge to be an Ambassador)

This will be FUN! Your responsibility will be to simply spread the word about - how easy is that......

If you are interested, please email right away with your name, email address, and the city, state/country you wish to represent. You will get a quick email back letting you know whether the city is available and whether you now represent it exclusively! 
You can only represent a city that you are within 20 miles of and people are limited to only 1. This is first come first serve so respond quickly

Welcome to all the new city exclusive Ambassadors of (over 80 in the last couple hours).

As you know based on and all the other companies I have built, you are in for a real treat - together we are going to change the world. Stay tuned for more information in the coming few days.

If you know someone else who either loves food, loves to go out to eat, loves to cook at home, wants to connect with thousands of others who love food or just would like a free opportunity to make some extra money each month, share our Facebook group with them - remember, the Ambassador position is exclusive to 1 person per city so lets your friends know about it first!

Speak with you all soon...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wexler aims at helping to change the world…one bite at a time.

Jordan Wexler, best known for uniting small business professionals through an online platform he created (, seems to now be taking aim at reforming traditional family structures.
As much as I love technology, many "advancements" in technology have guided us away from family unity, and turned our focus towards immediate gratification and personal indulgence – with family interaction getting thrown to the side.
Kids today walk around the house with headphones glued to their ears. They call lunch or dinner a 3 minute interaction with the microwave, and move right on to their Xbox or PlayStation…and when your 4 year old cries for attention and interaction, don’t sit and talk with him or play a board game, just throw him an iPad!
Wexler, who spent a year writing a book on human behavior at the age of 19, continues,
"Although some parents might feel that this makes their life easier, they don’t realize the future damage this will cause as these same kids will have to try to fend off all that life throws at them - without the wealth of experience that could be gained by talking to their family members.
You see, there has been a deterioration of the nuclear family - a family where the grandparents, parents, uncles/aunts and other family members live together and/or in constant interaction with each other. This is a serious problem and is affecting all of humanity whether people realize it or not.

Just as a small bird would not do well leaving the nest before their time, children leaving the family on their own before truly gaining the necessary insight others more experienced can provide has serious future negative  implications and will manifest itself into problems we don't yet realize - unless we do something to put us back on track."
When asked how all this relates to food, Wexler states,
“Food is the ‘glue’…the conduit I will use to bring back family meal time. It has been around since the very beginning of time and we need to keep it. Spend time with the family preparing a a meal...and most of all eating a meal - and while doing it, talk. Talk about what is going on in everyone's life, what is bothering everyone, what people love - but most importantly spend the time talking with each other. will be much more than finding and sharing food and recipes...I will use it as a conduit to bring thousands (if not millions) of people together.  The more people that learn what we are doing, the more that will share in the cause – whether they are foodies or not!"
You can be one of the first to try it when it goes live by joining the Finding Food Facebook page at:

Monday, December 2, 2013 CEO Jordan Wexler at it again with

After founding online lead generation giants Information Now, and, and more recently, which now manages over 700 city business networks worldwide, online innovator Jordan Wexler is at it again...this time helping consumers find, share and enjoy great food and recipes with

"Current food searching sites just don't get restaurant offers the best of everything they cook. They usually have a few signature dishes which helped them gain popularity. The problem is if somebody rates a restaurant as great because they had a particularly great chicken dish, but someone else orders their pasta, fish or meat, it might be awful! You see, we need to find food based on the meal itself  - not just based on the restaurant."

Just as Pandora has increased the enjoyment of music by increasing the efficiency of sound selection, so to is Wexler aiming at increasing the enjoyment of dining and cooking by increasing the efficiency of food selection.

"The economy has changed and people expect more for their money, whether they are going out to eat or buying ingredients to cook at home. They don't just want a meal...they want a memory - and who better than their actual friends for recommendations."

Consumers will be able to access via computer or Smart Phone using easy and fun apps. The devices will first locate their position and then display a map of their area along with photos and reviews of meals their neighbors have enjoyed. The consumer can fine tune their search by selecting only meals recommended by their friends, those with the highest rankings, select food categories, and more. They can also join food groups and will be able to communicate, share recipes, create profiles  and connect with each other based on common interests (i.e. gluten free, vegetarian, meat lovers, etc.).

"Have you ever tried actual Ackee and Saltfish from Jamaica?  Coo-Coo and flying fish from Barbados? Real Bulgogi from Korea? Kibbeh from Lebanon/Syria? Goulash from Hungary? Wiener Schnitzel from Austria? Pot-au-Feu from France? Roast Beef or Yorkshire Pudding from England? Authentic Irish Stew with a recipe from Ireland?

Well, will either find you recommended restaurants near you that serve them, or help connect you with people in those international destinations who will happily provide you the actual recipes and step-by-step instructions to recreate them. The fact that most people cannot afford to fly all over the place to enjoy these meals doesn't mean we can't bring these dishes to them - thanks to and the worldwide web."

It is a safe bet that Wexler will  quickly revolutionize the food industry with as he has done with his previous companies, but on the way out, I had to ask him what he saw in the future for his new company? He responded with a smile,

"I am sure your aware companies are always trying to automate their processes as much as possible - take Google and others for instance with their "self driving cars". Wouldn't it be great if the more you used, the more it learned from your profile and favored selections, monitored food ratings from your friends and other members, and then automatically offered recomendations via a smart algorythm that would virtually guarantee an excellent meal or recipe to prepare at that would be something...wouldn't it?"

You can be one of the first to use by joining their pre-launch Facebook group here: